Student Researcher Receives Inaugural Barbara Davis Goldman Award

Anna Morgan, a senior from Raleigh, N.C., has always been interested in what makes us human.

At Carolina, she chose to major in psychology, where she quickly learned how research could lead to answers for her biggest questions about how human beings—especially those with special needs—navigate the world, and how she could be a part of improving the human experience for all.

Her junior year, she sought an unpaid internship at the UNC Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, which evolved into a two-year, paid role as a research assistant at the Institute. In recognition of her commitment to investigating the tools children and adolescents need to live their best lives, Morgan has received the inaugural Barbara Davis Goldman Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research, which acknowledges an outstanding undergraduate student who has participated in research activities at FPG.

“My decision to follow this path was largely driven by my interest in research that would improve the lives of children with developmental disorders,” she says. “By helping these children, we may be able to minimize their likelihood of developing depression or anxiety later on in life, which is an area of research that I am also passionate about.”

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