Supporting Innovative Cancer Treatments

Dr. Lisa Carey poses in a hospital hallwayDr. Lisa A. Carey will serve as the inaugural director of the UNC Lineberger Center for Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

An anonymous donor has made a $25 million gift to UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center to establish the UNC Lineberger Center for Triple Negative Breast Cancer and to support other key UNC Lineberger initiatives. This is the largest donation in UNC Lineberger’s history, and it enables the cancer center to advance its groundbreaking research on diagnosing and treating a highly aggressive breast cancer that disproportionately affects Black, Latina and young women and historically has limited research funding.

The gift was made in gratitude for the care a family member received while being treated for cancer at UNC, and to help expand and expedite the cutting-edge cancer research being conducted at UNC Lineberger. Specifically, the donor designated their investment to help women and men with all types of breast cancer, especially triple negative breast cancer because of its poor prognosis. In addition, the gift will support research directed toward developing more effective treatments for metastatic disease, improving pediatric cancer care, and eliminating racial disparities in cancer treatment outcomes.

Lisa A. Carey, MD, MSc, FASCO, will serve as the inaugural director of the UNC Lineberger Center for Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Carey, the Richardson and Marilyn Jacobs Preyer Distinguished Professor in Breast Cancer Research and a medical oncologist who specializes in treating breast cancer patients, said it is hard to overestimate the gift’s potential impact on advancing triple negative breast cancer research and care.

“While research advances the past 30 years have led to new and more effective treatments for many types of breast cancer, this isn’t the case with triple negative breast cancer,” said Carey, who, in addition to her clinical responsibilities, is the deputy director of clinical sciences and co-leader of the breast cancer research program at UNC Lineberger. “The good news is this gift will be a game changer. It provides the cancer center with the resources to expand and speed the pace of our research focused on generating insights that lead to better treatments and outcomes for women with triple negative breast cancer.”

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