Supporting The Future of Electronics

Dr. Wei You, professor and chair of chemistry at Carolina, leads a team supported by a Department of Defense MURI Award

UNC-Chapel Hill leads a group of four universities awarded $7.5 million from the U.S. Department of Defense to develop organic semiconductors for the next generation of electronics. Wei You, chair of the Department of Chemistry at the UNC College of Arts & Sciences, will collaborate with Harald Ade, Aram Amassian and Franky So of North Carolina State University; David Ginger and Xiaosong Li of the University of Washington; and Baskar Ganapathysubramanian at Iowa State University on the project supported by a five-year Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative award.

Their work could improve the portable power, energy efficiency and durability of screens and information display devices used in both the cockpit and the field. The research team will employ new research methods using robotics and machine learning to better predict and understand the chemistry involving semiconductor enhancements.

“This cross-fertilization of ideas can accelerate research progress to enable more rapid R&D breakthroughs and hasten the transition of basic research findings to practical application,” said Bindu Nair, director, Basic Research Office, Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, in the DoD announcement.

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