The Carolina Nurse

The Carolina Nurse is unique among peers, enriched through extraordinary mentorship and preparation to alleviate suffering and provide the best possible care, not just to the patient in front of them, but to others facing similar situations through new systems or models of care.

Gretchen Dawson, ‘06 B.S.N., ’14 M.S.N., a Carolina Nurse twice-over, graduated UNC-CH well-prepared for her prestigious post-graduate fellowship in oncology nursing at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. When she returned to North Carolina, she was uniquely positioned to develop and lead the cancer recovery program for Cone Health System, which is improving the lives of cancer survivors and their loved ones in the Piedmont area and establishing a model of care that can be replicated in similar systems throughout the country.

A North Carolina native, Dawson has given our state’s citizens coping with cancer an invaluable resource and better futures. Of the people, for the people, indeed.

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