The Tar Heel Experience

Celine Locklear smiling

First-year student Celine Locklear might have been more nervous about the transition from high school to university were it not for the Chancellor’s Science Scholars Summer EXCELerator.

As a Chancellor’s Science Scholar who plans on studying biology, Locklear participated in the six-week immersion program, which helps prepare first-year scholars for their STEM degree and learn more about Carolina’s campus.

Thanks to that head start, Locklear felt ready to begin a full class load this fall. After spending her final year in high school learning online, she was eager to jump into an array of social activities at Carolina.

Locklear is a member of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina, and she’s hoping her time on campus will provide her with an opportunity to share more about her culture with fellow Tar Heels.

Locklear spoke about getting into her dream school, what she’s most looking forward to doing at Carolina and what she hopes to bring to the Tar Heel experience.

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