Tools to lead the future of media

“At UNC, we want to be on the cutting edge and leading the industry. It’s important that our students not only have skills to work in these new technologies, but they can learn stuff here and then take that into the newsroom.”

As journalism and media shift to adopt virtual reality and 360-degree video, UNC School of Media and Journalism professor Steven King wants to make sure his students are ready to lead the way.

Fall 2016 was the first semester his “Mobile Application Design and Development” course has focused on virtual reality and 360-degree video, which allow viewers to rotate the screen to experience a location from all angles. Students learned to create immersive virtual environments and work with 360-degree videos, work King hopes will make an impact far beyond his Chapel Hill classroom.

Fred ’71 and Nancy ’72 Hutchinson established a fund to enable the school to provide cutting-edge media tools for students and faculty. The fund helped to launch the school’s virtual reality lab in Carroll Hall.

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