UNC, Southern Pride

“I graduated from UNC School of Dentistry in 1967. I’ve been a proud doctor of dentistry for nearly 50 years. My wife Margaret and I came from families where giving was standard. We feel it’s important to contribute to the North Carolina Dental Foundation and the UNC School of Dentistry to keep the profession one of high integrity, honor and excellence. Every time I see a new patient, I am reminded of the wonderful opportunity the School provided me and my family.”

Bobby ’67 (D.D.S.) and Margaret ’67 Raynor met on the UNC campus and spent their careers serving hometown folks like themselves-he’s a dentist and she’s a nurse. The Raynors’ support of UNC has focused on meeting student and faculty needs and dental and nursing research. Through their giving to Carolina, the Raynors believe they are giving back from what has been given to them.

This is story number 73 in the Carolina Stories 225th Anniversary Edition magazine.

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