We Are

Ronda Taylor Bullock ’04 ’05 (MAT) isn’t waiting to finish her doctorate before tackling big classroom issues.

After teaching high school English for nine years in Durham and seeing her students struggle to read at grade level, Bullock felt there was more work she needed to do on a different scale.

So she left teaching to earn a Ph.D. at the UNC School of Education and in the process, created the organization “we are,” which stands for “working to extend anti-racist education” and aims to help people identify racial bias or prejudicial behaviors and then provides tools for challenging both interpersonal and systemic racism.

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Bullock was awarded a $125,000 grant from the Kenan Charitable Trust to conduct anti-racism training in three Durham public schools and to provide resources to educators, and a CUBE social innovation grant helped launch inaugural we are events such as an educator conference and a children’s summer camp.

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