When Giving Is Personal

Left, Uncle Jack and Aunt Cassie Cowell. Center, H. Bryan Ives III ’80. Right, Horace Bryan Ives Jr. 1942 senior class Yackety Yack photo.

H. Bryan Ives III, along with the rest of his family, decided to create a scholarship endowment at UNC School of Law based on their father’s,– Bryan Jr., or “H.B.” – gift to them, which allowed them to attend UNC-Chapel Hill. H.B.’s own philanthropic deeds stemmed from a gift his father-figure – John “Jack” Cowell or “Uncle Jack” – made, which allowed him to attend UNC-Chapel Hill himself back in 1938. Skip to 2022, and Ives and his three siblings have created the $250,000 Ives Family Scholarship as a tribute and to emphasize the importance of UNC-Chapel Hill and Carolina Law in the family’s history.

The scholarship is for students with an undergraduate degree from the Kenan Flagler School of Business, like Ives, a 1977 Carolina graduate, or for students interested in pursuing a career in corporate or tax law.

“My father wouldn’t have had a successful career but for his undergraduate degree at Chapel Hill, and he wouldn’t have had that if not for Uncle Jack,” said Ives. “Part of this is to say ‘thank you’ to Uncle Jack’s family.”

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