Women Supporting Women

O'Flanagan and Pinto

Given her experiences as both a student-athlete and a female climbing the corporate ladder, Maisie O’Flanagan has realized firsthand the importance of women supporting women.

Because of this, when The Rams Club approached O’Flanagan two years ago asking if she wanted to be involved with FORevHER Tar Heels – an initiative to build and inspire a community that champions and empowers North Carolina’s women student-athletes – she answered with a definitive yes.

“I think there’s tremendous passion behind women helping women and the camaraderie and support that goes along with a program like this,” said O’Flanagan. “We all want to help one another, and having the structure, funding and support of the University – and others and alumni – is just terrific. It’s phenomenal signaling that women are valued, that female athletes at Carolina are valued.”

Beyond financial support, the initiative promotes a mentorship program that connects women leaders with Tar Heel female student-athletes. Through this program, O’Flanagan serves as a mentor for star soccer student-athlete Brianna Pinto ’22. 

According to Pinto, the relationship that she’s formed with O’Flanagan has proven to be invaluable, both personally and professionally.

Read the complete Carolina Story to learn more about Pinto, O’Flanagan and this initiative…

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