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“What’s different about having this at a research-focused university is connecting the artists to the scholars. These relationships become critical to what happens on the stage,” said Jospeh Megel.

The Process Series, which just finished its eighth season, is a very different kind of performance series. Think of it as an arts laboratory, an incubator where works-in-progress are shown to an audience, often for the first time. The audience is invited to give feedback on the production in the midst of the artist’s sometimes messy creative process.

The brainchild of Joseph Megel, a director and artist-in-residence in the College of Arts & Sciences’ Department of Communication, the Process Serioes features work by guest artists from around the world, but also UNC faculty and students. Performances have involved dance, theater, music, art, poetry, oral history, storytelling and hybrid productions with digital arts and media.

The series benefits from partnerships with interdisciplinary departments across the college, including art, dramatic art, communication, English and comparative literature, music and African, African American and diaspora studies.

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Photo credit: Kristen Chavez/College of Arts & Sciences

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