Exploring an Interconnected World

Jenny Suwanmanee

Jenny Suwanmanee ‘21 loves diving headfirst into new situations. The double major in business and global studies made the most of her college experience: studying abroad, seeking out students, faculty and administrators with global interests and creating other opportunities.

Suwanmanee’s penchant for exploring the world was also helped by several scholarships that she earned along the way. She was a two-time recipient of the UNC Employee Forum’s Carolina Family Scholarship, and also received the Edmund B. Ross III Merit Scholarship and two merit scholarships from the business school for study abroad. In summer 2019, she enrolled at Denmark’s Copenhagen Business School and in spring 2020, she took classes from the Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands.

The exposure to how other countries operate and how their citizens think dovetails nicely with Suwanmanee’s global studies focus on Asia and its international politics, nation states and social movements.

“I want to work in the private sector and explore that area more after graduation,” she said. “Global studies is a great addition to business because in today’s world, business touches everything. We’re in such an interconnected world that you have to understand how the world works and how it functions to be a working individual and a person who can help contribute to society.”

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