Small Patients, Small Doses

Stephen Eckel — associate dean for global engagement and clinical associate professor at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy — has founded a Carolina-affiliated startup that is revolutionizing the ways patients undergoing chemotherapy are treated. 

“We know that medication errors in pediatrics occur at a rate much greater than what anybody would want,” said Eckel. “If you are able to consistently measure accurate doses for even the smallest [patients], then one can bring safety and assurance to a care that currently doesn’t exist.”

After discovering this problem of limited technologies for dosage accuracy through his research at UNC Medical Center, Eckel turned to additional resources at Carolina. With help and support from the biomedical engineering program and Innovate Carolina, Eckel was able to launch Assure Technologies and patent Precynge, a device that connects to the syringe and allows for accurate and price measurements of drug dosages.

“I cannot say enough about the culture of Carolina,” said Eckel. “Whether it’s the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy, Kickstart Venture Services, NC TraCS or just talking to individuals in the ecosystem, everyone has been willing to lend their perspectives and thoughts.” 

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