In her own words

“I was awestruck when I opened my acceptance letter from UNC. I wanted to call Chapel Hill home for the next four years, and I knew it could really happen after a scholarship helped put Carolina within reach.

“That award changed the trajectory of my life. Thanks to the generosity of donors, Carolina is able to fund scholarships that benefit students of all backgrounds and improve the quality of the University for everyone.

“Realizing that UNC believed in me and made an investment in my success inspired me to hit the ground running, and it motivates me every day. I’m earning a degree in nursing at one of the top programs in the country while pouring my time and energy into causes I care about. I’ve volunteered at UNC Hospitals offering physical and emotional support to women during childbirth, an experience that guided me toward a career in labor and delivery nursing.

“Student support at UNC goes beyond the normal academic path. During my time here, I’ve traveled to Guatemala to pursue a medical Spanish program, deepening my language skills and exposing me to global health issues that I will confront in my work. I participated in a summer nurse tech program, where I trained as part of a state-of-the-art transplant unit and learned about the role of nurses in shaping public policy. Both of those experiences will make me a better health provider and a better advocate for my patients and colleagues.

“These opportunities were only possible because of scholarship funding. That gift is truly transformative in the lives of students like me, and I’m grateful for it.”

— Allison DeSarro ’18

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